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Olarikkara, Thrissur - 12

Kerala, India

Welcome to Chandramathy Amma


Health Care has been one of the primary concerns of mankind from the time immemorial. Our forefathers were content with the treatment of aliments with herbs and surgery without anaesthesia. With the passage of time and invention of better and more reliable tools for diagnosis and treatement.

Late V.N Nair, the founder of the this hospital and a Singapore returnee with his first hand knowledge in the field started the existing hospital under name & style "Chandramathy Amma Memorial Hospital" some 30 year before. Though started in a simple way as a clinic by his in-law Dr. M Chandrasekharan, as a time rolled, by 1981 the hospital had specialists in almost all branches including ophthalmology, gynecology, ENT, general surgery etc

The hospital is ideally located on the Thrissur - Kanjany Road at olarikara about 5 Kms from Thrissur town and is easily accessible to the public. Over a period of time the hospital grew to the present bed capacity of 80 with 30000 sq.ft. building spread over 120 cents of land The hospital is owned by a partnership firm having two partners Smt . P Rugmani and Sri. P Govindankutty, children of Late V.N nair Today, under the leadership of Dr. M Chandrasekharan, superintent, 20 efficent doctors are practicing in the hospital. They are ably supported by nursing staff, paramedical staff and office staff.

Managing Partners

Sri. P. Govindhankutty
Srimati. P. Rugmini

Administration Panel

Avinash C Menon

Managing Director

R.S. Ramakrishnan

Chief Manager (Finance & Operations)



Providing quality health care at affordable.

Mentoring dedicated team of proffessionals so as to form a synergy of satisfied employees.




Deliver quality health care at affordable cost.

To cultivate a work culture amoung employees and help to form a team of dedicated proffessionals.

To make this hospital an excellent centre for acedemics and good clinical practices.